Geylang Serai Bazaar 2016

Decided to do a post on the Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar since I visited it 5 times this year! Despite the insane crowd, perspiration from strangers rubbing against my arms, and crazy heat, the food and drinks were good enough to keep me going back.


bazaar 11

While queuing for the watermelon volcano which we eventually gave up on cause the wait was way too long 😦

Churros from Loco Loco!! So good I had to have it 3 times!

From L-R: Assorted churros ($5.50–> original, pandan, red velvet, oreo), Assorted churros ($5.50–> original, pandan), Salted egg yolk churros ($6)

Loved the salted egg yolk churros the most. The sauce was creamy but not too sweet, and the salted egg could actually be tasted unlike the one I had at the iLight Festival this year which was too sweet and had no hint of salted egg AT ALL. Also, they were soooo generous with the salted egg sauce that there was actually some leftover in the cup yumz. As for the assorted cup, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the original, pandan, red velvet and oreo after the gula melaka sauce was poured over. However, I still highly recommend Loco Loco as the texture of their churros are amazing- crisp on the outside and doughy on the inside!


Really can’t remember which stall I got these ice cream rollies from… but in the picture is thai iced tea + oreo rollies topped w/ koko krunch & marshmallows! The only downside to this was that the thai iced tea wasn’t really mixed properly?? and hence I could still taste the powder while eating. Had to drink a lot of water after which but I guess I was just unlucky that day..

Double Fried Russets ($5.90) and Classic Ice Limau ($2) from KATOSHKA. So upset that I only tried their double fried russets on my 5th visit to the bazaar 😦 IT WAS SO GOOD that I’m craving for it now even though I just had it!! Chose the sour ranch sauce which was so amazing I couldn’t stop until the entire cup was finished. They also serve their russets with BBQ, special cheese or salted yolk sauce. Sampled the other 3 sauces but still think that the sour ranch was the nicest and most unique one. There was already a queue even before they opened their stall but despite the long queue, I would say that their service is rather efficient. Moreover, the staff taking the order always serves her customers with a smile making the experience so much more pleasant. 🙂 100% recommended, so worth the wait!

bazaar 1


After having iced coffee in Vietnam, I never expected to come across anything similar or EXACTLY the same in Singapore. But today, I DID. On my first sip, this cup of iced coffee won me over. Warning: very sweet, but that’s exactly how Vietnamese coffee is so if you don’t have a liking for sweet stuff don’t go for it!! But if you do, maybe even 3 cups won’t be enough.


  1. If you’re gonna get thai iced tea/thai green milk tea, don’t bother getting those that are $3/$4 with brands on their cups. Just find and get the $1.50 one cause they all taste the same.
  2. Can never go wrong with old school ramly burger ($3.50)! Still tastes as good as the first time I had it years ago.
  3. If you’re planning to have tako balls, find the 6 for $2 ones! Cheap and yummy.
  4. Popcorn chicken is just like any other ordinary popcorn chicken. I mean, what else could you expect from it?? HAHA
  5. Wouldn’t go for the taiwanese cheese potato again ($4.50). Was rather disappointing though it was my first time ever trying it.


Well.. so I thought that my 5th visit would have been the last but guess I was wrong.

Headed back to the bazaar for my 6th and 7th visit! (On the second last and last day!!)

Had my favourites as usual and tried a couple of new items as well 🙂

geylang bazaar 3

Double Fried Russets ($5.90)

Had the russets from Katoshka again but they were a huge disappointment this time round.. They were cold and soggy and I regretted not picking the sour ranch sauce. Instead, I decided to give the salted yolk sauce a chance and immediately regretted it on my first mouth.

geylang bazaar 2

Dutch Homemade Pancakes aka Poffertjes ($2.50)

These pancakes were amazing- So soft and chewy. My only regret is not ordering 10 as they were gone so quickly 😦 Definitely not be missed at any bazaar in future!

geylang bazaar 1

Giant Fried Squid ($7)

Yup, it simply tastes as good as it looks! Worth the calories and whatever else.

Only downside was that it was hard to bite it off the stick… But then again, who cares how you look when you’re eating something this good??


Johor Bahru

We apologise for the severe lack of updates on our blog as we’ve both been really busy with school/work and our other commitments. So here’s a short update of some of the places I visited in JB last week.

The first stop was Bev C! Definitely couldn’t give their absolutely famous and insta-worthy espresso iced cube (15.79RM w/ GST) a miss. Ordered the chocolate + milk flavour and it was amazing! Initially ordered this drink in order to get a super nice shot of it but to my surprise, I really enjoyed it as the espresso taste wasn’t very strong. My friend ordered the chocolate ice blended (13.67RM w/ GST) and fell in love with it. We also bought the chicken ham with almond croissant (18.97RM w/GST). Honestly felt that it was rather average…. and found a strand of hair halfway through eating it….. That aside, will definitely return for their drinks in future and give their cakes a shot! Heard that their peppermint cake is nice so will try it on our next visit 🙂

Ambience wise, I felt that the place was very cosy and chill. Suitable for doing some work or catching up with friends over a meal.

Address of Bev C: 54, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 

Wifi password: giveme5dollar

Next stop was IT Roo which apparently serves “the best chicken chop in town”. We made a joke that this is so because it is probably the ONLY chicken chop in that town….. Jokes aside, I wouldn’t recommend it. Although it’s really affordable, I would rather pay more for a better tasting chicken chop in Singapore or any other place. This place can be given a miss in my opinion. Forgot to take a picture of our grilled chicken chop (15RM w/o GST) as I was too busy snapchatting.. but figured that it probably wasn’t worth it anyway. Rather crowded and squeezy inside as well and kept having people/staff knock into my chair or my legs. Perhaps would be good to take the outdoor seats instead (more spacious) if the weather isn’t too hot on that day.

Address of IT Roo: 17, Jalan Dhoby, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

After that, we went to Maco Vintage for some dessert and (an impromptu) pizza. Rather huge cafe with a super chill environment. Ordered the Bailey’s crepe cake (9.5RM w/ GST) and it was not bad! The layers were distinct and not lumped together, comparable to Lady M in Singapore but definitely cannot beat the crepe cakes from Classic Cakes in Singapore which have a caramelized torched top! As for the pizza, we had the smoked chicken sausage pizza (18.9RM w/ GST) which was good! The crust was thin and very easy to eat, not leaving us bloated. Will definitely return here in future for the great ambience and to try the other items on their menu.

Address of Maco Vintage: Jalan Ibrahim, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Wifi password: ilovemaco

Located just RIGHT NEXT to Maco Vintage, is Chaiwalla Container & Co! Was really eager to try their milk tea after hearing/ seeing so much of it on Instagram. However, I was disappointed with the green milk tea w/pearls (12.30RM) as it was way too sweet (coming from someone who actually enjoys sweet stuff..). On a better note, I loved the pearls as they were just the right texture and chewy-ness. Perhaps I will ask for more ice on my next visit there.

Address of Chaiwalla: Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Ended off our trip with dinner @ Thai Express located at Komtar JBCC mall since its much cheaper having Thai Express in JB compared to SG! We ordered the crayfish glass noodles (25.9 RM), curry soft shell crab rice (21.9RM), stuffed chicken wings (1o.9RM) and a cup of thai iced tea (6.5RM) (to make up for the disappointing one from Chaiwalla 😦 ).  All was good but I woud give the stuffed chicken wings a miss on my next visit.

Oh btw, all these places are located within walking distance from the checkpoint and the cafes are all located near each other. If you want exact directions, visit as I got mine from there 🙂

Hope you enjoyed our post and check out @2foodhoppers on instagram for updates of food from KOREA!!!


To-gather Cafe X’mas Menu

Christmas Eve dinner @ To-gather cafe yet again definitely didn’t disappoint. Their X’mas set menu was similar to the one they had in 2014 with slight changes/additions but everything still met up to our expectations 🙂

Their X’mas menu for 2015:


We reached pretty early (about 6pm?) and the place was pretty empty at that time. More and more families started streaming in at around 7pm.

Unlike the previous year, we were greeted by cookies as door gifts which were surprisingly really yummy!



Creamy Blue Swimmer Crab Bisque w/ Fresh Shrimp

Creamy and tasty, we finished both bowls till the last drop. The shrimps were fresh as its name states. They should actually consider serving this on their daily menu.


Smoked Salmon Carpaccio w/ Mango & Lime Mayonaise

Fresh and thinly sliced salmon strips which were wiped out within seconds by my family and I. They were very generous with the portion of salmon. Still as good as how I remembered it from the previous year. Continue reading

CafePrint food tasting

CafePrint, originally a printing shop now serves European cuisine influenced by Western traditions while providing digital and printing services. This chill cafe bistro serves as a good place for students to meet and get some work done (especially during the crazy busy assignment submission period!) Besides digital printing, CafePrint is also open to anyone who requires Marcom (abbreviation for marketing communication) materials and personalised gifts from their 3D printers.

CafePrint’s interior + exterior:


Ice Blended Oreo Milkshake ($6.80)

Surprisingly this was quite a refreshing drink as it was not very thick. After finishing the entire glass I still had a lot of space for food unlike when I drink other milkshakes which are too rich and creamy. Sweetness wise it was just right as well!

Parmesan Truffle Fries ($8.90) and Mixed Crostini Platter (3 flavours sold separately)

The truffle fries were one of the best I’ve ever tasted and I feel that it is priced rather reasonably as well considering the big portion. Couldn’t stop eating after I took the first one.

The mixed crostini platter consists of 3 types of flavours: Goat cheese, duck rillette and mushroom. The goat cheese crostini is sweet as it is mixed with honey. Being my first time trying goat cheese, it was a pleasant experience I must say 🙂 However, if you’re looking to find something savoury or are not really a fan of goat cheese, the duck or mushroom would be a better choice.


Pan Seared Seabass Fillet on sliced orange complement with roasted brussels sprout from Netherlands, topped with chili peach cubes ($19)

Being a huge fish lover, this dish did not really impress me. Not sure if it was their intention, but the fish tasted very similar to assam fish. So if you’re a fan of assam fish then go for it, otherwise, there are so many other choices to go for.

Continue reading


Ever tried the all famous sweet Thai Snack known as Roti Sai Mai before? If you have, then you shouldn’t give Fairyfloss a miss! If you haven’t, then there’s even more reason to try Fairyfloss!

What exactly is Fairyfloss?

Basically, it is floss put together with crepes and the floss immediately melts the moment you put it into your mouth (like cotton candy!)

The floss and crepes usually comes in many different colours so customers can pick and match to suit their preferences.

How is Fairyfloss different from Roti Sai Mai?

To accommodate to the many health conscious teenagers and adults these days, the sugar level has been halved so as to make this a less sinful snack. However, not to worry as taste is not compromised in the process. So you can still enjoy the same snack with much less guilt!

Due to the Christmas season, there are currently only 2 colours of crepes- Pink (strawberry) and Green (Pandan). The floss on the other hand comes in a packet consisting of 2 colours. Note that the floss and crepes are packed separately and you have to roll them yourself as the floss will melt due to the moisture from the crepes if prepared beforehand.

Sadly, the pandan crepes were sold out so I had to settle for the strawberry ones 😦 (not a fan of strawberry at all…..)

Nonetheless, apart from the slight hint of strawberry I could taste with every bite, it was still amazing! The texture of the crepes and floss were just like those I had in Thailand many years back. The floss was extremely soft and fluffy and indeed it did melt quickly in my mouth. Really good snack for all ages as it is easy to chew!

Definitely will be back to purchase the Pandan crepes in future.

The owner of Fairyfloss, Cat, also said that they might be bringing in more colours (meaning more flavours) of crepes in future. So stay tuned!

Here is the list of pop-up stores in December:

PasarBella Market Turf City

19 (Sat) & 20 (Sun) December

From 10am-9pm

Marina Waterfront Promenade (outside MBS Hotel)

31 December (Thurs) – Good snack to bring while watching the Countdown and fireworks 🙂


Fairyfloss retail outlet:

114 Lavender Street CT Hub 2 #01-07

Social media links to Fairyfloss:



Do support this first snack concept in Singapore!

Group Therapy @ Katong V (Cafe Week)

A three-course menu coming from a café – sounds pretty unusual, right? But not during Café Week. Group Therapy @ Katong V has specially created a “restaurant like” three-course dinner menu for their diners to enjoy!




This meal will start off with a tangy crab & asparagus salad with orange vinaigrette to freshen up your taste buds, followed by one of the three mains (gnocchi, pan-fried chicken breast or stuffed squid). Lastly, to finish off the meal, a sumptuous looking plate of sticky date pudding topped with vanilla bean ice cream will be served, and this will guarantee to end your night on a sweet note.

Continue reading

Cafe Week

Be prepared for this December! With Café Week (10th to 13th December & 17th to 20th December), you won’t be ending your 2015 on a miserable note.

What is Café Week?

It is a celebration of our local café culture, where the participating cafes get to show off their innovation & creativity through new plates of food, and diners get to sample something different, something new and something special. We will only be showing you guys what Froth and Group Therapy has got to offer.

Do keep a look out for the other NOM’s ambassadors (Instagram or blog posts) to see which other cafes will be participating in Café Week! Or you can simply hop over to to check out the cafes.

Not only that, to save you the trouble of having to wait or to at least give your date the impression that you did some “planning”, you can start making reservations on your desired café! Good news for NOM’s members – reservation can be made from 6th November onwards. Of course, the public will not be overlooked – reservation for the public will be open from 10th November onwards. All reservations can be made via




If you still have not gotten your NOM’s membership card, visit and quote “2FHxNoms” or “VanxNoms” to get it at a discounted price! 😉